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Reducing your cloud bill by improving performance. For free.

optimyze reduces your cloud spend by improving the way you process data. Our experts examine your entire computing stack, identify savings, and actively implement changes that realize these savings.

We do not focus on right-sizing, reserved instances, or better enterprise discounts. Instead, we improve your code and the way you process data.

We charge a percentage of the money we save you, and you only pay if we are successful.

Our process

An optimyze project consists of the following six steps and takes about 12-14 weeks.

  • Week 1

    Listening to understand

    We start by inspecting your cloud bill to find the ‘big-ticket-items’. We work with you to understand what your business does and what your constraints are. We then study your footprint and workload to understand what computation you perform, and how.

  • Finding a metric to optimize

    To improve your margins and measure success, we work with you to establish a per-unit metric that relates your business to your cloud usage - such as ‘cost per client request’ or ‘cost per user’.

  • Week 2-5

    Data gathering, analysis, and generating a menu of options

    We gather performance and utilization data from your cloud footprint, analyze your code, your infrastructure, your base images, and all other aspects of your data processing to generate a list of possible optimization options.

  • Week 5-6

    Presenting and choosing options

    We present your optimization options - including estimates of implementation complexity and estimates of cost reduction. You and your engineers decide which options work best for you - some will be more intrusive than others, and nobody can judge feasibility, risk, and convenience better than you.

  • Week 6-12

    Implementing your choices

    After you choose your desired optimizations, we work with you to implement them, providing the actual code for your engineers to review (and eventually approve).

  • Measuring your new margins

    Once the optimizations are implemented, we jointly re-measure your cost-per-unit metric. We are paid 50% of the savings we realize for you over the next 24 months; if we do not manage to save you money and boost your margins, our work was free.

  • Savings

optimyze helps you reduce your cloud spend - without forcing you to change the way you do business. Performance experts are difficult to find and expensive - we bring them to you, for free, and without risk.

Our optimizations may include changes to your container or VM build process, replacing software packages with more efficient alternatives, compressing data differently, or making actual changes to your deployed code. We examine your entire stack - the code you write, third-party-code you use, and the operating system itself.

We take full ownership of implementing our changes: We offer pull requests to your engineering team for review and implementation.

Contrary to most other offerings in the field, our focus is not right-sizing, planning for reserved instances and obtaining better cloud discounts. We have trusted partners we recommend for this. Our focus is helping improve your code and the way you handle data. This means we can provide savings beyond what you have already achieved through right-sizing and reserved instances.

We charge a portion of the savings we realize over the next 24 months, to be paid as these savings happen, with no obligation thereafter. You as a customer only pay if we successfully save you money, and we will only reduce your cost - never add to it.

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We help you process data more efficiently and improve your margin.

optimyze helps you examine and optimize your code - for free. We bill based how much savings we generate for you.

optimyze provides specialized services and tools to help you be efficient so you reduce your cloud costs without disrupting the way you do things.

As companies become more data-driven, computing and data processing has become more important than ever.

The move to cloud has changed the economics of computing: Traditional computing required large up-front costs, which were hard to reduce later. Today, more efficient computing can directly lower your cloud bills - and improve your margins.

Whole-stack performance expertise is difficult to obtain: Currently, the tech giants (FAANG) absorb most of the available performance expertise for their internal needs. optimyze brings high-end expertise directly to you, risk-free.


Learn who we are and the value we bring.


A bit technical at times, read about cloud cost reduction, efficient computation, and computer science.

Company Values

Coherent beliefs lead to superior outcomes. Learn what drives us.

Our team

Learn who we are and the value we bring.

Thomas Dullien

Thomas Dullien

Co-Founder / CEO

Lives in Zurich, Switzerland

Sean Heelan

Sean Heelan

Co-Founder / CTO

Lives in Oxford, United Kingdom

  • Former Senior Security Researcher at leading security firm Immunity Inc, working on vulnerability discovery, exploit development, and automated program analysis.
  • Lead investigator on DARPA-funded research grant into semi-automated approaches to program analysis for vulnerability discovery.
  • Founder of Persistence Labs, a firm specialising in run-time analysis tools for reverse engineering / program analysis.
  • Expert on heap implementation details.
  • Currently completing a PhD at the University of Oxford on automatic software attack generation with particular focus on heaps.

Our team combines deep experience in scalability, distributed systems, and low-level code optimizations with a service and business mindset. We hope to help you succeed, and our business model is designed to facilitate this.

Company values

We believe that a coherent set of values leads to superior outcomes. In the following, we list the values that guide us.

Understanding leads to better decisions
We strive to achieve a deep understanding of systems to enhance our work. This means constantly refining our practices to remove obstacles to ‘understanding’.
Achieving the best outcomes requires mutual trust, building a relationship that shares all information, changes things that aren’t working, and disargees constructively. Trustworthiness is earned through respect, empathy, and integrity in all interactions. We strive to be respectful, empathetic, and show integrity. It’s the right thing to do.
Excellence in simplicity
Complexity carries hidden costs - in maintainability, understandability, and in computational cost. Great design is simple and purposeful. Fewer parts means reliability, serviceability, and fewer resources to produce. Our technical solutions strive for simplicity and efficiency.
Three wins
In all business deals, we strive to create win-win situations where both parties benefit. But for us, that’s not enough. We need more. Improving computational efficiency creates a triple-win: Our customer saves money, we get paid, and overall we reduce energy and resource consumption caused by unnecessary computing - a win for the environment.

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